Our Story

Continuing the New England tradition of earning a living from the sea, Chieftain Scallop Company has been harvesting wild sea scallops along the Eastern Seaboard for over thirty years. During this time we have developed a reputation for producing the freshest and highest quality scallops.

Based in New London, Connecticut, Chieftain Scallop Company is a member, together with five other deep-sea scallop boats, of the Thames River Seafood Cooperative. The co-op was created to provide a home for fishing vessels and is located at a historic Civil War era granite pier that is also a registered landmark.

Capt Zbigniew and a hand picked crew ply the coastal waters year round from the Canadian border to the Virginia Capes searching for the best deep-water sea scallops. A Polish immigrant with a degree in meteorology, Capt. Zibby has charted the scallop fishing grounds in meticulous detail to quickly locate and harvest the richest scallop beds minimizing days at sea.

Up to now, Chieftain scallops have been sold exclusively to wholesalers in New Bedford and a few select gourmet restaurants. Brokers and chefs are willing to pay a premium because of our boat's reputation for producing the freshest and highest quality scallops. We are now selling the scallops locally - directly from the boat - to the public. By controlling the quality along the entire journey from harvest to the table, we are able to provide a scallop that is consistently in demand by the discerning consumer.